Ren Røros digital
Launch of a new TV decoder for new and exciting entertainment
Images of products in their natural settings. For marketing use.
Femundsmarka & Gutulia nasjonalpark
5 trips into the wilderness photographing Femundsmarka og Gutulia nasjonalpark. These images are part of a national push of marketing the national parks of Norway.
Stensaas Reinsdyrslakteri
New marketing images for Stensaas. The pictures are shot in the area surrounding Feragen where Stensaas has their office.
Holum Gård
Holum gård in Meldal creates the finest yarn from their own sheep. I got to photograph both sheep and work in progress.
NØK nett
Photographing at NØK nett. I got to follow workers in the field on real cases. An updated look and real scenarios for a slight documentary feel. Thanks to all the workers at NØK for a couple of great days of shooting.
New images for OS ID. Sheep use ear pieces with an app monitoring device for better animal health. Images made for marketing, web and social media.
Visiting Fjellgarveriet close to Kotsøy. This amazing place produces the finest quality of leather and skins. Crafted the old way with no chemicals added in the process for a pure product. The images are shot at the farm where she works.
Statsbygg / Åpent rom
Creating a reportasje from Bastøy fengsel for Statsbygg magasin called åpent rom. This highlights a different way of being in jail with iconic architecture and freedom on an island.
Ren Røros
Capturing the green eco friendly energy produced by Ren Røros. Visiting the water energy station 50 meters under ground at Glåmos. Images for marketing of Ren Røros
Røros bryggeri og mineralvann fabrikk
When launching a new design Røros Bryggeri og Mineralvannfabrikk wanted images to back up the new branding style. We wanted to capture the essence of brewing beer in a modern way.
Røros Metall make ventilators for kitchens at their factory. I visited their factory at Røros to make a documentary on the process and workers here used for their catalogue. Painters, steel benders / cutters, heating are all part of the process to create some amazing quality products.
Lysgård keramikk cabin art
Photographing the cabin of Per Lysgaard who is an artist.
Kulturminnefondet book / "Innblikk"
Creating a photo book for kulturminnefondet by visiting 6 chosen places that have received restoration funds from kulturminnefondet. The book shows the owners of each project. Contact kulturminnefondet to get a copy of the book.
Exhibition art
Portraits of 3 eks miners from the Røros region. I wanted to create images that reflect the wear and tear of working in the mines and how the harsh environment puts a mark in body and soul. The images are now a permanent exhibition at Røros Hotell spa og velvære.
Statsbygg / Åpent rom
Photographing a reportasje for Statsbygg magazine åpent rom. We visited helsearkivet at Tynset. This is where the dead will live on forever. Data from people that have passed away will be stored in this newly opened digital buliding. We got the see the place just before opening.
Markedsutvalget for reinkjøtt
Traveling to Alta in Finnmark at 3 different occasions to photograph the Sami people and how they work with their reindeer. These images are from the gathering process before they get transported to an island and separated to their owners. The majestic surroundings and nature makes it a stunning place to work. One of my favorites.
Vinterfestspill i Bergstaden
Vinterfestspill music festival at Røros wanted to create images that show what can happen when a number of musicians come together with different mindset, tones and instruments. When artists clash together new and exiting things can appear. Some of these images where created when working at Form til fjells design agency.
Creating a concept of playfulness for the folk music band Sver. Inspired by old Beatles photographs, humor, their beautiful crafted instruments and personalities we made a PhotoBooth style fun box. The images are also used for album cover.
Campaign images for Rørosbanken. The concept being finally 18. That meaning moving to your own place and maybe buying a car. Images for advertising.
Kulturminnefondet plakater
15 year anniversary for kulturminnefondet. We photographed 15 year old school students in cultural heritage sites across Røros. The theme being that Kulturminnefondet is having a birthday party. The images where printed as posters and sendt as invitations to a week of celebration. The 15 year old models where also interviewed to connect a younger audience and awareness to cultural heritage.
Rørosrein produce reindeer meat and have tourism at their farm at Røros. They cater guests with great food and activities. The images are created for food packaging of reindeer meat and marketing.
Oslo kommune / Oslo+
Oslo kommune created Oslo + to draw attention to the importance of elderly being active, social and taking care of themselves. The elderly is a booming population group in Norway and will increase over the next 50 years. Oslo kommune wishes to help create meeting places, social activities for the elderly citizens to help and motivate this group of people to stay active and percerve good physical and mental health even when older.
Aajege is the office for Sami teaching and learning. Their amazing suits where used to show details and history with its uniqueness. The suits have a strong relation to their cultural heritage and pride as Sami.
Røros tweed / Rørosmeieriet / Solsiden honning
A selection of product photography from 3 chosen clients. The images are shots for Røros tweed, Rørosmeieriet and Solsiden lyng honning.
Cycling Vietnam
My wife and I went touring by bike in rural Vietnam for 1 month. We visited the Mekong delta and the region surrounding the city of Dalat in the southern mountains. Starting in Saigon we cycled south following the Cambodian boarder. We met very friendly farmers, craftsmen and families working their daily life. The images are from people we met along the way, mostly in the rural parts of the countryside and at a small fishing village on the east coast.
Potteriet Røros
Potteriet Røros wanted to create a story on their production for marketing. Handmade by skilled artists that create every stroke of the ceramics. I wanted to convey the feel, texture and get right into the level of detail and skill these crafts people possess.
Hesselberg maskin
Photographing a Komatsu bulldozer for Hesselberg maskin. For marketing purpose.
Cafe ni muser
Art cafe ni muser in Trondheim needed help creating images for their website. They have a fantastic bakery and create amazing chocolates. Its also a place for art lovers with exhibitions and concerts.
Images for interior company Northern used for marketing in their catalogue and digital media.
Mathallen Oslo
Photographing portraits of the workers at each shop at Mathallen Oslo. The images are for their website and other digital use.
Lysgård keramikk
Per Lysgaard has an amazing shop located in the heart of Røros selling ceramics. Per created these hats out of ceramics by testing new techniques. We used talented Ida Rembrandt as a make up artist to paint Pers face to create sculpture like images. The images have boomed on the internett reaching several hundred thousand views. Per is a true artist being creative and pursuing his unique ideas.
Rørosregionen næringshage
For Rørosregionen næringshage I came up with a concept of network / fragments of bits and pieces when put together create new forms and ideas. Rørosregionen næringshage work on building new and strong relations between companies and people that result in new solutions and ideas. I wanted to strengthen the visual aspect of this by photographing different sectors their network works within and put them together as a puzzle creating new formations.
OS ID started selling new farming technology with health monitoring of cows. To create images for this we visited a lovely couple that use this new technology at their farm in Rendalen. Amazing how you can follow your animals health on an app on the phone creating better health and more productivity for the farmers. 
Rørosmeieriet produce ecological milk and other related products such as butter and youghurt. These are images for Coop magazine, which are to show the collaboration between Rørosmeieriet and Coop as they produce Anglamark ecological milk for Coop. They have customers all over Norway and are also the biggest ecological dairy in Norway.
Nordre Bolstad gård
Local potato producer Nordre Bolstad gård located in Rendalen, Hedmark sell potato. Its a family driven farm. I documented some of the harvest as part of their branding images and they are distributed through Røros Mat.
Wood has been used for a long time as a building material. I wanted to show wood in its cleanest form as part of nature but also how humans have made use of it in a delicate and authentic way in nature as tiny buildings.
Images for`s concept called like bra brukt. Consumer and environmental awareness is bigger than ever. Like bra brukt is following the trend and wanted to show that buying second hand can be just as good as buying new. Good for the planet, good for consumers.
Sporting talent
These images I created for my column in the newspaper called sporting portraits. An interview and images that portray the athletes as up and coming sporting heros. I wanted to give these young talented people the possibility to show who they are and what they do for a bigger public audience in their search of reaching the top.